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Full Service, Truck Rentals,Moving Equipment, Propane, Auto Repairs

   Welcome to Oasis @ I-5 Rentals. We are a family operated business here in Redding California since 1999. Business owner Karen Hough , and Auto Tech David JR. We have very competitive prices and are customer friendly. We are located at 2415 Cascade Blvd, Redding, ca 96003. To contact us please call us at (530) 243-0511.

We offer a wide variety of services including.... U-haul rentals, Boxes & moving supplies, E-move Moving Crews, Propane fill up's and tanks, Hitches and accessories, Vehicle Wiring Repairs, Welding Repairs and Automotive needs. Weekly specials on Tune up's, Air conditioning, Oil changes and Brakes.


Follow this link for reservations and rates  www.uhaul.com or 1-800-go uhaul

Follow this link for moving crew help    www.emove.com or 1-866-my-emove

Follow this link to e-mail any questions regarding our services         debear@c-zone.net  or (530)243-0511



Seasonal snow chains sold here!!!

All general automotive needs

  We welcome all tasks!!!



R-12--------------------$35.00 PER Lb. $2.24 PER Oz

R-134A-----------------$5.00 PER Lb. $0.31 PER Oz.

Identifier---------------$25.00 Labor--$55.00 Flat Fee

All systems check comes with a FREE leak test.

Oil change specials

10x30 $1.75 qt x 5qt = $8.75 Totals 10x 30 = $28.00

10x40 $1.75 qt x 5 qt = $8.75 10x40 = $28.00

15x40 $3.45 qt x 5 qt = $17.25 15x40 =$36.50

Oil filters $6.00 Labor $13.25


All tune-ups's come with spark plugs, cap, and rotor. With your option to get wires and air filter at additional cost.

4 CYLINDERS $110.00 with wires $83.95 w/o

6 CYLINDERS $113.03 with wires $93.44 w/o

8 CYLINDERS $115.94 with wires $92.65 w/o

All air filters are an additional $7.00

Rates from other shops...

4 cylinders $250.00, $149.00, $250.00

6 cylinders $200.00, $412.00, $417.00

8 cylinders $269.00, $250.00, $200.00